Thursday, June 23, 2011

Practical in Arunamari .

Assalamualaikum ! Hello readers ! :D

haiyaa, i've been very busy lately. i went for my posting at Arunamari Specialist Medical Centre in Klang. i've been there for almost a week. From monday till Wednesday, i'm on evening shift. The bus fetch us at 12 noon. we reached hospital around 1pm. At 2pm, we get in to the hospital & take the nursing report. We finished our shift at 9 pm & reached hostel at 10 pm.

On Monday , there's lot of patient. We're lucky cause our Clinical Instructor (CI) is Malay & she kept asking us a  lot of question & giving assignment. There's a lot of new experience here. I'm glad because i got posting here even it's kinda bored due less procedure to be done. we only did bed making, monitor vital sign, assist patient to toilet & fetch patient from operation room. other than that, the staff nurse & doctor will do.

Thursday & Friday, we start our shift at 7am. the bus is comig at 5.30 am ! OMG ! too early in the morning. this is the sacrifices that we have to face to gain new knowledge & experience. whatever it is, i'd never regret coming here. even the procedure to be done is less, but there is a LOT of knowledge i can gain here compare to Hospital Tanjung Karang that i went last sem. the Doctor & staff nurse here are also very approachable.

hope this 2 weeks posting gonna increase my knowledge in this industry . better than staying in college and do nothing ! wehuuu ~  that's all . off to bed. tomorrow morning shift . huwarhhh, sleepy . =="   goodnight :)

*Alina nak publisiti murahan kat blog aku kan? nahh! hambekk! aku bagii : alinaa gemokkk !!!! haha :D

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[muaz] said... [Reply]

piwwit, all in english!

Nasriq said... [Reply]

wuuuaaa... lepas ni confirm aku akan ke sana kalkau sakit... shif pukul berapa ek?

-[miracle]- said... [Reply]

ahaa. english but BROKEN . lol :P

-[miracle]- said... [Reply]

haha. ok cunn ! uhh? kan dah tertera di atas shift pukul bapee. :P

Scya Lollita said... [Reply]

uihh , selamat menjalaskan tugas :DD

fobia dengan hospital .

-[miracle]- said... [Reply]

@Scya Lollita
hehe . thanx ! uih? napa fobia? =='