Thursday, December 2, 2010

ngangkung !

lately, busy posting some stupid thingy bout the stupid people. let 'em juz go to hell. i wanna talk bout me, my self & my friends. :)
last monday, we have last minute decision. wanna go to the curve at 8pm to watch ngangkung. yippiee. at 8pm, me & alina go to the ground floor & wait for shahir & yon there. while waiting for shahir to warm up his angine car, me,alina & yon were just waiting on the lobby. after a few minutes, we start our journey to the curve. *haha . mcm jaoh sgt je :P

when we're almost reached there, wan text me & said that he's right in front of mcD at e@curve. then, he just straight away go to the cinema & checking for the ticket. once we reached there, I saw wan, apiz, azrry & faqar. then, we bought the ticket. ngangkung ! its all 8 of us.

while waiting for the movies, we're just walking & buying icecream. yummy ! then, we get in on time. ow yeahh. then, me & alina went to ladies before the movies starts. :D

i cant stand it when Wan laugh like hell. haha. the movies was absolutely funny ! i'd never watch any funny movies in the cinema, i guess. or maybe i did. but this is the funniest movies ever. its all bcoz wan. i really cant stop laughing when i heard his laugh ! ohh men. hahaa. *sumpah kelakarr !

the movies was soo cool. nice story. funny story. haha, this is the 4th malay story that i watch in cinema, i guess. or maybe the 3rd. haha. after watching movies, we straight away go home as it is almost 11pm. me, alina, shahir & yon go back to Flora Damansara by Shahir's car while wan, apiz, azrry & faqar go back to palm Spring by taxi, i guess. huhu. *diorg ckp diorg terbang. :P

i love spending times w my brothers. thanx u guys. u guys makes my world interesting & full of joy ! :)

gadis yg sukaria,


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