Wednesday, October 20, 2010

the 100 post

while everyone had already post their 100 post years & years ago, i juz only did my 100 entry tonight! omg! lambatnye. :P

well. when i went back to my home in klang, i've got lotsa advice from pa & ma. they talk about lotsa thingsss. one of 'em is my WORD ! pa said that he looked & read my post in FB & my word is terrible! omg! all the F-word that i've said when i mad to 'that annoying guy in my college'. shame of me. :(

then, about friends. i told pa & ma that me & my fren are not in one head *satu kepala* anymore. there's some probs that i dont think that i will share here. let it be our secret. so, papa advice me about how to make & talk to frens. mama also ask me to cook by myself as do not want me to trouble my fren. haha.

papa, im so sorry coz behave & saying like 'org tak berpelajaran : as u said'. i'll change my words & my attitude. i'm becoming a good person, insyaAllah. & i'll tell u what papa.....i'll study hard. i've promised to myself that i'll sponsor ur honermoon wif mama to AbuDabhi. i noe mama really wants to go there. i hope..u'll let me do it 4 both u papa. i'll study hard. i'll work hard. i'll take a very very good care of both of you. i always love you .

btw, im going to be a matured girl now. now, i can fry the chicken! omg! i really scared of 'minyak percik percik'. but, i noe i must cook 4 my self & 'ehemehem' someday. so, need to learn from now on.. good luck afiqahh ! :DD

i noe myself can do it. yeahhh! :DDD

gadis yg kene bebel ngan pa & ma,


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Dyazz said... [Reply]

girl, first learn on how to write n speak fluently in english..haha~good luck, n yeah..change ur attitude, especially on ur bad mouth..it brings no good, just harm..once again, good luck!!

AFIQAH ZAIRIZAL said... [Reply]

dyazz : ahhh! im trying okkk. juz wait & see. wekk!

bad mouth? ahh. papa ta bg kite ckp 'kau aku' lg ngan siblings. so, have to call u AKAK again la yayoyy. ahh~

neesaABDkarim said... [Reply]

awak sangat takut dgn minyak percik-percik ?
ohh syg,
how can u become a mithali wife ?
abang kate,
pompuan msti tahu msk.
bru bley jadikk isteri mithali.
abang la yg kate.
bkn akuuuu.
hehe :D

AFIQAH ZAIRIZAL said... [Reply]

hahaaa. sy takutt laa dgn minyak percikpercik. sakit taoo kalo kene kulit neh haaaaa. da la panass. huwaa~
haha. yea ke? ckp ngan abg, asek pompuaaaaan jee. laki la pulakk. ahhaah :DD